The Fire Tones have officially released their new charity single as they hope to raise cash for those suffering during the coronavirus crisis.

The group of singing firefighters from Welshpool and across the UK launched a bid for Christmas number one back in 2018. Now, they're back with a cover of The Living Years by Mike & The Mechanics to raise money for the National Emergencies Trust.

However, it was never the intention to release the song for this purpose, much like it was never planned for the UK to be put in lockdown because of a global pandemic.


The Fire Tones - The Living Years (in aid of National Emergencies Trust) The Fire Tones are a group of Fire Service...

Posted by The Fire Tones on Sunday, 19 April 2020

“Somebody asked me if The Fire Tones were doing anything,” said Welshpool firefighter Chris Birdsell-Jones, who founded the group.

It was then that Chris decided to post a clip of what was recorded in the studio last year. They had planned to go back this year to finish off the project they had started.

“It spiralled a bit out of control,” Chris said.

It was then that the Fire Tones decided to finish off the recording of The Living Years, albeit in their bedrooms, to raise money for those who need it during the health crisis. The song is complete with a slideshow of images put together documenting coronavirus - including those working on the frontline.

Chris said: “People have fed back to me and said that it’s inspired them to contact their family members who they haven’t reached out to in a couple of years.”

“We would like to thank all members of the emergency services and essential workers who are working incredibly hard to keep the world functioning.

“Remember to stay home, stay safe, look after yourself and each other,” Chris said.

The song isn't available to buy, but you can donate online.

“If it can help out at all, if it can raise awareness or even raise a little bit of money, then that’s what it’s there for,” added Chris.