Employers in Powys have been told to ensure their staff remain two metres apart after new rules came into force.

As of today, Welsh Government measures to protect workers from transmitting the coronavirus to one another in the work place are in force.

The regulations mean that the two-metre social distancing rule will apply to any workplace, including homes, where work and repairs are being undertaken.

The new rules apply to those workplaces not already covered by the original stay-at-home rules introduced almost two weeks ago.

Powys Council has advised all businesses to take all reasonable measures to ensure the two-metre rule is maintained between people on their premises whenever work is being carried out.

The authority's cabinet member for public protection, Cllr James Evans, said: “These new regulations will ensure all workers are better protected in the workplace, by ensuring the social distancing measures now apply in all people’s places of work.

“Our request to employers now is to please act responsibly, do the right thing, protect the lives of your workforce and others by ensuring your work can be carried out safely and in accordance with the new requirements around social distancing.

“We will continue to work with businesses to ensure compliance and will be engaging with business groups to provide support. Where a business however fails to co-operate and flouts the legislation enforcement action will be taken in the interest of protecting lives.”