A television presenter from Llanerfyl is taking part in the new series of Fferm Factor Selebs alongside a former first minister and drag queen.

Mari Lovgreen is originally from Caernarfon but has lived on a farm in Llanerfyl with her husband for over 10 years. She's also part of the presenting team for Cefn Gwlad, Y Sioe Fawr and Y Ffair Aeaf on S4C - shows all focused around farming. However, this doesn't mean she's a natural.

Mari said: "I’ve still got so much to learn about farming. It’s safe to say that I’m not out on the farm terribly often. I have to help the husband to move sheep and cows sometimes; I stand like some kind of scarecrow. A cow charged towards me once when I was trying to take a photo of her!

“I remember dealing with a delivery of sugar beet once – tons of the stuff – and me replying over the phone ‘just drop it off in the porch, thank you.”

The hilarious brand-new series of Fferm Ffactor Selebs starts on S4C on Saturday, April 11.

The brave 12 who will head to the farmyard have been divided into four teams of three on the grounds of Coleg Cambria in Llysfasi, near Ruthin. In three special programmes, the teams will battle it out to win the title Fferm Ffactor (Farm Factor) and £3,000 to a charity of their choice. Among the various challenges will be an engineering task, tasting produce, preparing a sheep for an agricultural show, and herding pigs. Judge Caryl Gruffydd Roberts, membership manager for FUW, will be keeping a close eye on the teams’ antics throughout the competition.

The captains of the teams have some connection to the world of agriculture and include TV presenter and West End star Owain Williams; farmer and singer Brychan Llŷr; ex Wales Women’s Rugby player and broadcaster Dyddgu Hywel; and soprano Gwawr Edwards.

On Owain’s team are Mari Lovgreen, who co-presents S4C’s Stwnsh Sadwrn with Owain and is a member of the Cefn Gwlad presenting team, and former First Minister of Wales and former Agriculture Minister Carwyn Jones. They will go head to head with Brychan’s team, which includes presenter Elinor Jones and singer Lloyd Macey who found fame on the X Factor series.

As the captains lead their teams, presenter Ifan Jones Evans will be there to guide them.

Even though Carwyn Jones has plenty of experience at making important decisions regarding the future of agriculture in Wales in his role as former Minister for Agriculture, he admits he has little practical experience in the field: “My general knowledge of agriculture is good, but the practical side is not so good. I’m the old guy in the team; I’m here to bring wisdom, but maybe not so much speed!”

Will singer Lloyd Macey, who claims to know nothing about farming bring some X Factor to the challenges? “Performing is much easier than reality TV. I love the Fferm Ffactor format – it’s a twist on the English X Factor, but an opportunity to show our Welsh culture. I think Elinor and I are in safe hands with Brychan as captain. I think my role in the team is a bit of an observer… I’ll learn a lot from the other two!”

Which team will have the skill and knowledge to come up on top? Follow the adventures of the 12 as they try their best not to make a pig’s ear of things in this laugh out loud series.

Fferm Ffactor Selebs starts at 9pm on Saturday, April 11 - where there will be English subtitles available. You can also watch on S4C Clic and BBC iPlayer.