Self-isolation can be frustrating – there’s a whole world out there on our doorsteps, but for the most part we can only see it from afar.

But our Powys County Times Camera Club members can at least bring you some of the delights that remain out there – some of which might even be in our own gardens.

Alright, Mick Pleszkan’s fantastic picture of a giraffe might not be entirely representative of the wildlife that’s all around us.

But many of us might be able to see the spring lambs just beyond the ends of our gardens, or the micrscopic world of plants that continues unseen all around us – even when we might not be aware of it – as shown in Martin James’s fabulously detailed shot of a moss capsule, which contains the spores that will allow the plant to spread.

Then there are the animals – whether birds or beasts – that arrive in our gardens when we least expect it, and, as in Laura Shepherd’s funny picture of a fluffed-up goldfinch, make an exhibtion of themselves.

And finally, even though we can’t get out to our favourite beauty spots at the moment, our camera club members are here with a reminder of the glorious views we may be missing. And don’t forget, they’ll still be there, and will possibly even feel a little more glorious, when this is all over.

To join our Camera Club, just visit the Facebook group, or email your pictures to, and share your eye for an image with others around the county.