Guilsfield's Steve Edwards is back with another coronavirus parody to help lift our spirits during the health crisis.

This time around, he's taken to James Blunt's 'You're Beautiful' - and renamed it 'Isolation (...It's Poo)'.

The video has been uploaded onto his Facebook and YouTube accounts, and is complete with captions - making it a karaoke-friendly singalong for those hours spent under lock and key.

Here's a glimpse of the lyrics to the song, with the first verse and chorus:

My life is boring

I'm stuck at home

I've spent the whole week playing Candy Crush on my phone

She caughed at me on the subway, now I'm feeling pretty unwell

Isolation, isolation, isolation, it's poo

Two metres of space, protect your face

It is what we have to do

And we must wash our hands too