A FAMILY from who are experiencing a particularly tough time in lockdown have come up with an idea which has garnered tens of thousands of supporters across Wales and even further afield.

The Evans family - mum Sarah, dad Scott, Harrison, six, and Finley, three - from Caerphilly, thought up the idea of a mass doorstep rendition of the Welsh national anthem following the first “Clap for Carers” display last Thursday.

After being “overwhelmed” by the community spirit shown, Sarah and Scott Evans discussed the possibility of getting as many people as possible to sing on Monday, April 13, three weeks since Boris Johnson asked Britain to stay at home.

“We thought it would be the perfect time to sing the national anthem, whether we are celebrating coming out of strict distancing measures, or if we’re singing in solidarity because we have to knuckle down and keep doing as we are,” Mrs Evans told The South Wales Argus.

She started a Facebook group called Sing for Wales on Saturday evening, and is stunned that the group has gained over 70,000 members already – and not all of them Welsh.

“We’ve had people from Egypt, Spain, Australia, and I’ve had more friend requests and messages than I think I’ve ever had,” Mrs Evans laughed.

“People from across the border have messaged me and said they’ll be making it their mission to sing with us and learn it as soon as possible. It’s great for raising awareness of the Welsh language too.”

She explained that due to her six-year-old son Harrison, who has Williams syndrome, being particularly vulnerable, the family have had to self-isolate earlier than everyone else, which has taken its toll.

“Harrison is disabled and as part of his condition he gets anxious, so we’re trying to keep him calm as possible.

“He is also very sociable, like his brother Finley (three), so this has been a particularly though time for both of them.”

County Times:

The Evans family are encouraging everyone to sing for Wales on April 13 to help get through the Coronavirus pandemic L-R Finley three, Sarah, Scott and Harrison, six. Picture: www.christinsleyphotography.co.uk

Mrs Evans’ mother has suppressed immunity and is living alone during lockdown, and her father is away from home after a cancer diagnosis.

“It’s horrible and very upsetting, and for that reason it’s so important we try and spread as much joy as we can,” Mrs Evans added.

“This isn’t about me or our family, we’re just one piece of a much bigger community. It’s been unbelievable how people have carried our message so far.”

If you want more information on how you can get involved with Sing for Wales, join the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/557557901860425/, and make sure to listen out and get involved on Monday, April 13.