A MID WALES Assembly Member has written to the BBC urging them to reconsider the decision to drop news bulletins from Wales during the Breakfast show on BBC One.

Last week's announcement of the temporary changes by the broadcaster, due to the coronavirus pandemic, has been met with criticism throughout Wales, prompting Helen Mary Jones AM to write to Ken MacQuarrie, director of BBC Nations and Regions.

In the letter, AM Helen Mary Jones, who is Chair of the National Assembly’s Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee, said: "Within the National Assembly for Wales, the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee is responsible for oversight of the BBC’s delivery of its remit in Wales.

"It has come to the Committee’s attention that from Monday 30 March there will be no news bulletins from Wales during the Breakfast show on BBC One.

"I am concerned about the impact of this decision on the people of Wales. The regional news bulletins during the Breakfast show are currently an important means of informing people about issues which affect them.

"The demographic that watch Breakfast may not necessarily be the same demographic that watch evening news programmes.

"Therefore, without a news bulletin from Wales during Breakfast, there is a risk that people will not receive sufficient information about Coronavirus in Wales.

"I appreciate that the BBC is under significant pressure at the moment. However, it is vitally important during these unprecedented times that people in Wales continue to receive Wales specific news and information. I therefore ask you to reconsider the BBC’s decision not to show bulletins from Wales at Breakfast.

"If people from Wales are to receive their news from a UK network bulletin instead, it is crucial that these bulletins reflect the devolved nature of many of the government responses to the pandemic. For example, as health is devolved, the widely reported call for NHS volunteers to apply through the GoodSAM app is only relevant to England.

"Similarly, business rates relief schemes, which are crucial to the survival of many small business, are devolved to Wales. Never has it been more important for people in Wales to receive clear and accurate information about the reality of devolved governance."