A Powys County Times Camera Club member, Sean Weekly, has managed to capture an incredible photograph of a red kite bird of prey after enticing it into his garden.

Sean, who lives in Builth Wells, is a professional wildlife photographer says he's practically used to living outside. However, with instructions from the government to stay at home, he's found a way to bring the wildlife to his doorstep.

"I have a pair of red kites locally who I see virtually every day from my garden flying around the field behind. I'm a pro wildlife photographer and being stuck in during this quarantine is killing me so I decided to try and entice the kites into the garden setting up my camera on a tripod with a wide angle lens," Sean said.

I used a remote wireless trigger on the camera so he could electronically fire his camera from the comfort of his living room.

Sean said: "It took a whole day for them to come in a couple of times. That was the only good shot from the day's efforts. However, I'm going to work on this project during these crazy times and try to get a good series of images."