While most of us are currently trapped indoors amid the coronavirus outbreak, wildlife in Powys – not to mention much, much further afield – goes on.

Our fabulous camera club members have continued to send in their great snaps, and there’s a distinctly avian theme to some of them today.

Sean Weekly took this striking picture of a Dalmatian pelican, and our other members have also captured our feathered friends in all their multi-coloured glory.

We’re still welcoming submissions from our club members during the coronavirus lockdown. Whether it’s something you’ve captured on one of your excursions out of the house, a great shot that you managed to capture despite being in quarantine, or an old picture that you felt you had to share with the world, you can still send it over any time and we’ll consider including it on one of these pages in the future.

Thanks to all our members – and if you want to join in, request to join the Facebook group, or e-mail news@countytimes.co.uk