Over 100 people in Powys have signed up to become volunteers in health and social care during the coronavirus crisis.

There are already many informal volunteers across the county, but 107 have now signed up, as of this morning (Thursday, March 26), with PAVO - the Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations.

PAVO is co-ordinating formal health and care volunteering opportunities identified by Powys County Council and the Powys Teaching Health Board on behalf of the Community Sector Emergency Response Team (C-SERT).

The COVID-19 Powys Health and Care Volunteers opportunities are:

  • Health and care drivers
  • Help for people in their homes
  • Help for people in residential homes
  • Helping to prepare food in hospitals

If you want to sign up to support communities in Powys during the pandemic, just click here.

If you would like more information about volunteering or help to register as a volunteer, email volunteering@pavo.org.uk