"It's a very British thing to try and find the funny side of something, no matter how awful it is."

That's what Steve Edwards had to say about his spectacular Status Quo-ronavirus parody Coughin' All Over The World. The song, which has been doing the rounds on Youtube and Facebook since it was uploaded last Saturday, March 21, includes the lyrics "I've got no bog roll" and "If you don't like sprouts, then you're bang out of luck".

Steve Edwards, who's from Guilsfield, outside Welshpool, hopes the song will raise people's spirits during the coronavirus outbreak, especially now we're all in lockdown in our homes; and many, like Steve, working from home.

"Everyone is so serious, so depressed and worried about it. I want to try to raise a smile a little bit," said Steve.

The song came into Steve's head last week when he took his dog out for a walk. When he got back to the house he already had the lyrics written down on his phone.

Steve has written parodies before, alongside Paul Alexander, from Alexanders in Welshpool.

He said: "I've done a few over the years, but this one's really taking off. It's one of those things where it's gone a little bit further than I thought it would have done."

Although he wanted to have a little bit of a joke and to raise people's spirits, he wanted to keep an important message in there too.

"I wanted to get a couple of funny lines in there, but it was important in the last verse that I mention washing your hands. I can't really keep that advice out," he said.