A Welshpool-based web design/development and mobile app company, Gloversure, has created a cost-effective, discounted range of solutions to help retailers sell their products online quickly.

Richard Glover-Davies the Managing director at gloversure said: “We want to help as many businesses as possible during this uncertain time; one thing we are able to do is to help retailers set up online shops.

"It doesn’t have to be a large online store with all your stock, you can start with a small range with your key reliable products and add to it, meaning you have income coming in and your customers can still access your products.”

As coronavirus forces more businesses to close their doors temporarily and customers are not venturing onto the high street, selling online could be the solution. Online shops are easier than ever to manage with stock levels, payments and shipping details all handled by the platform the shop is created on.

Mr Glover-Davies said: “We would be more than happy to provide as much support as possible, talking you through how your website works, how to manage it and any general questions. We would help you secure your domain name (website address) and host your website (the space your website sits on online), to try and keep everything as simple as possible for you.”

The company hopes its solutions will help some businesses make it through these difficult times.

Mr Glover-Davies added: "The current global situation is extremely challenging for many individuals and companies so we are glad to be able to support other businesses to continue trading and we hope other UK businesses do as much as they can during these uncertain times to help each other out."