A NEOLITHIC-STYLE tomb for storing human ashes could be built in Powys after a planning application was submitted.

Based on real tombs on the mysterious isle of Ynys Môn, stronghold of the Druids during the Roman invasion of Britain, the tomb could be built on Out of Eden Stone Age Farm at New Chapel near Llanidloes.

An application has been submitted to Powys Council by Dr Kevin Blockley for the Cambrian Archaeological Project.

It is thought to be the first of its type built in Powys in modern times, although other Neolithic burial chambers have been built elsewhere in the country in recent years, including one in neighbouring Shropshire.

In a statement accompanying the application, Dr Blockley said: “We have consulted widely for our Out of Eden, Neolithic site, but not the cremation mound specifically.

“Ashes could also be buried around the outside of the mound, around the kerb stones.”

The proposals forms part of the Out of Eden Project which is about “creating a  unique” educational experiences.

The hope is that this  would transition people back to the time of hunter gatherers and their “first experiments” with farming.

The design and access statement asks: “Is there something which we can still learn from the ancient way pf life of our ancestors that could influence the course of our own lives?”

The structure of the tomb is based on Neolithic passage tombs on Ynys Môn, Barclodiaid y Gawres and Bryn Celli Ddu, that are in the care of Cadw – the Welsh Government’s historic historic environment service.

The tomb will be an earth mound, 14 metres in diameter and four metres tall, and surrounded by a two metre-wide ditch.

On the south-east side there will be a gap in the ditch and an entrance into the stone-lined chambers each with timber shelving where replica Neolithic pottery vessels holding people’s ashes will placed.

The DAS adds that the tomb will be kept locked between burials and access only allowed to those who have places ashes in the tomb and on other special open days to publicise the project.