A MASSIVE pile of broken wheels, springs and shredded tyres growing at a garage in the Hope Valley is down to a potholes blackspot over the Shropshire border.

And it has led to Chirbury Shropshire Councillor Heather Kidd describing the council's roads maintenance programme as being "in meltdown".

"I was asked by garage owner, Llewelyn Motors, the other day to view the pile of broken wheels, car springs and shredded tyres that he has collected over the last few weeks from cars incurring damage on the pothole scarred A488 along the Hope Valley.

"It has to be seen to be believed. In one period recently five cars were take out in one day with damage to their wheels and suspension," said Cllr. Kidd..

“The main culprits are a number of deep potholes around the More Arms. I have reported these repeatedly and they have still not been fixed. What is particularly dangerous about these is that they are being covered by water running off the surrounding fields and you only see them at the last minute.

"On Monday, February 24 I reported them again and the Highways Department ordered a '24 hour repair'. By Saturday they had still not been done.

"There are similar potholes on the B4386 and A490,also unfilled for a while.

"The whole system is in meltdown.It is high time that Shropshire Council brings the service back 'In House' so that it can be effectively managed like other Councils have done," she said.

Cllr. Kidd also said she also questioned the lack of results following the appointment of a consultant by the council at a cost of £10,000.

"Lastly I would like to thank the garage owners Al and Ben Llewelyn for the work they are doing. They are earning virtually no money for rescuing the victims of these potholes and are doing it more as a public service," Cllr. Kidd added.