A number of pupils and staff at Bishops Castle Community College have been tested for the Coronavirus.

Headteacher Reuben Thorley said on Wednesday that the results should be available within 72 hours.

The school is taking precautions after pupils and staff returned from Italy where the Coronavirus has spread. A group returned from a skiing trip in Claviere in northern Italy on Saturday, February 22.

In a letter sent to parents and carers on Wednesday, February 26, Mr Thorley said pupils and staff who had developed flu-like symptoms have been in contact with NHS Direct 111 and are following advice.

"For the majority this has been to self-isolate for a specific period of time," he said.

Earlier this week, Mr Thorley said: "Following the recent school ski trip to Italy many of you may be concerned about the possible exposure of staff and students to the COVID19 Coronavirus.

"The school ski trip travelled to Claviere in northern Italy via Turin. The trip returned on Saturday 22nd February, just as the Italian government was identifying an outbreak of COVID19 Coronavirus in another region of northern Italy. The concentration of Italian cases was in a region much further east of where our students were situated."

Mr Thorley added that the school's trip did not meet the criteria issued by the UK Government and health officials for self isolation. However if pupils and staff show symptoms they have been advised to self-isolate.

He said: "Due to the high altitude of the ski trip resort, the common cold symptoms displayed by some students and staff are similar to those frequently experienced after exposure to sport and travel at high altitude. We are not making assumptions about the nature of any illness that the students are displaying. Our aim is to be careful and consistent as possible in following the guidelines set out by Public Health England.

"We will continue to follow all these guidelines and will inform you immediately if there are any further changes."

If parents notice any symptoms associated with the virus, they must contact NHS Direct on 111 immediately.

Public Health England have advised students that have signs of any common cold, sore throat, high temperature, respiratory problems, fever, cough, shortness of breath, or breathing difficulties should remain at home. If the child is in school and showing any above symptoms, then school will contact parents to collect immediately.