Farmers are at “immense” risk of poor mental health, says the Farmers’ Union of Wales (FUW) Montgomeryshire county chairman.

Bryn Francis said it is important to put a spotlight on mental health problems in the farming community.

His comments follow a series of breakfast events across North Powys as part of the FUW annual breakfast week.

The Llanfair Caereinion farmer said it was a great opportunity to talk and share thoughts with fellow farmers and agricultural workers.

Mr Francis said: “I was extremely pleased to see so many people get together and over the course of the mornings, sharing their thoughts, worries, and concerns. Sitting around the table, drinking tea, eating good, sustainable, local food and having a good-old fashioned chat.

County Times:

“There is a wealth of evidence that demonstrates that loneliness and social isolation are significant issues affecting our older population, but it is important to acknowledge that farmers and those working in rural communities work long and unsociable hours, in inhospitable conditions and in failing markets.

“As a result many farmers are susceptible to feeling lonely and isolated, regardless of age or gender and they represent a population at immense risk of poor mental health.”

Mr Francis added: “Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and this was once again a great opportunity to talk and share our thoughts. We started the day together with family, friends and neighbours, in a positive way and raised money for our charitable cause, the DPJ Foundation.

“Our industry has such a positive story to tell and this week really helped us do that.”

More than 78 breakfasts were served at breakfast events held at Cafe Maengwyn, Machynlleth, Dyffryn Cafe, Foel and in Penderw, Forden. A total of £630 was raised for the President’s charity, the DPJ Foundation, which provides counselling and mental health awareness training.

If you need help or advice from the DPJ Foundation, call 0800 587 4262 or text 07860 048799, e-mail:, or go to their website: