RHAYADER Town player Tony Davies has praised the Forden United medical team - including its youngest member Lucy Gittins - after his injury on the weekend.

The six year old Forden United supporter with doll in hand was on the scene to comfort the Rhayader Town player following a rib injury during the side's 3-3 draw in MMP-NL Mid Wales League Two on Saturday.

Lucy's sister Katie Howells said: "Lucy had gone to stand near to the goal because Forden were taking a penalty.

"The Rhayader player was down injured after the penalty so she ran onto the pitch and helped him off."

The Rhayader player in question was Davies who heaped praise on the six year old for her kindness.

Davies said: "I was surprised when she came up and put her arm around me asked if I was okay and that she’ll look after me.

"Bless her, she certainly put a smile on my face."