COUNCILLORS will be able to see if all the street lighting that is supposed to be switched on, is, by using new software.

At Thursday’s full council meeting on Thursday, January 23, a question will be put to a cabinet member on street lighting and the affects it has on safety.

Cllr Karen Laurie-Parry (Independent – Bronllys) said:  “A number of residents in my ward are seriously concerned regarding the cut-backs in street lighting.

“This is particularly more alarming where there are older residents, who fear for their safety during the night time, due to the County Council decision to withdraw certain street lights.

“I will give Neuadd Terrace, Bronllys as one example.

“Safety and the well-being of particularly older and vulnerable residents is an utmost priority, so please could the Post Holder suggest how we might find the costs to  ensure that our concerned residents needs are met?”

Portfolio Holder for the Environment, Cllr Heulwen Hulme (Independent – Rhiwcynon), answered:  “The lighting in this area has not been reduced any further since the original energy saving projects in 2009.

“We are always looking at the lighting provision within the county, and looking at further improvements and energy saving that can be made by using

new technology.”

Cllr Hulme explained that lights are reprogrammed and dimmed  due to the inflation of energy costs.

Cllr Hulme added: “At present any significant changes of the lighting is consulted with the local town and community councils along with the councillors, before any changes are made.

“Unfortunately it is most unlikely that any additional funding will be available and it should be borne in mind that although the street lighting does provide obvious benefit in some areas, it is not a statutory requirement like the majority of other highway works.

“All councillors do have access to the information showing the locations and status of the lights through Geo Discoverer.

“Details of how to access this information will be emailed to members.”

“If there are any lights that are noted to be off when the inventory is showing the light as on, we will be happy to attend to the fault.”