County Times reporters can’t just bang on about the Welshpool 10K and why everyone should sign up without actually taking part ourselves. So, we are.

I’m signed up, and so is my colleague, Anwen.

In fact, my main motivation to actually train, and make this 10K a race and not a run, is to beat her.

Our desks are next to each other in the office, and we can get a little competitive with our stories. Now, it’s time to take our fight out of the office, and onto the streets of Welshpool and grounds of Powis Castle.

Cross country in school was probably the last time I’ve properly run. I was often at the back, with the PE teacher in her van behind us beeping for us to hurry up.

So, it’s fair to say I’m not exactly a runner. Or wasn’t anyway.

But as soon as I decided to do the 10K, I went to Parkrun with my housemates. It was a struggle. I’ve realised now, that people do Coach to 5K, not absolutely sod all to 5K.

Although, I’d actually recommend it. First of all, because there’s no pressure to be good at it. You could walk it if you want. Sure, there are the superhuman athletes who complete the whole thing in 15 minutes flat. But you get all sorts of people running, and it sounds cheesy, but it really is about the taking part.

Another great thing is that your time gets recorded for you. You just scan your barcode and you get your result emailed to you. There’s no need for a smartphone app or sports watch.

The other great thing about Parkrun? It’s a set, organised event. It’s at the same time every week, with a load of other people. Basically, you don’t need to have quite so much motivation as you do to go out and run off your own back.

Oh, and the best thing, Parkrun is completely free. They take place every Saturday at 9am in Newtown, Builth Wells, Shrewsbury, and all across the country - and world.

I’m banging on about Parkrun a lot, but I have also started the 12 week training plan from Chris Greatorex and Great Fitness, who have partnered with Welshpool 10K. And I have to say, I am struggling. I’ve been doing Parkruns for a little while now but doing all these exercises I’ve never even heard of and have to Google in the gym is another thing. Honestly, my legs were in so much pain after the first session that I was avoiding drinking so much water so I didn’t have to go downstairs to the loo in work.

But saying that, it’s clear that the exercises are targeting a different set of muscles, and ones which will certainly help when it comes to the 10K run - whether you realise it or not. And I’d rather build that strength up now that suffer on the day.

But how anyone does a plank for 45 seconds three times in a row, I do not know.

Next week Anwen will be giving an update on her 10K training is going, which will be interesting, because at the moment, I don’t think she’s doing very much - but that may all be an act and she’s out there to get me.