The death of a man who was mourning the loss of his baby grandson was drug related, an inquest has heard.

James Jefferies, 40, from Newtown was found by dog walkers on August 26 last year in the town’s Garth Owen Woods.

An inquest held in Welshpool heard Mr Jefferies - who was found dead three days after he was reported missing - was identified by his fingerprints.

A statement by his daughter revealed that he had a “great deal of guilt” following a series of personal tragedies.

Tyler Jefferies described her father as “broken and lost” and that his head “was not in the right place” on the last day she saw him alive.

“The sad loss of my baby boy had a profound impact on him,” she said. “If my son was here, my dad would still be here today.”

His partner, Louise Williams, said the death of his grandson had a “detrimental” effect on him and that he “couldn’t cope” with the grief.

The inquest heard Mr Jefferies had a history of drug abuse but had “sorted himself out” by getting a respectable job and settled down as a family man.

“Things started well for him for some years,” his daughter said. However, he relapsed in December 2018 and was “back on a slippery slope” further added to by a family bereavement in May 2019 which deteriorated his mental wellbeing.

The last person to see Mr Jefferies was a friend who saw him get up from the sofa and leave with no explanation.

Coroner for South Wales Central Andrew Barkley said his body was found in a remote and secluded woodland.

A post mortem carried out by Dr Joanna Stafford at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital gave no natural cause of death. His blood showed a “high level” of cocaine which would be considered fatal.

The police said they were satisfied that there was nothing of concern and there were “no disturbance marks”.

The coroner said there was “little doubt life was in freefall” and paid tribute to Mr Jefferies’ family for their “moving” evidence during the hearing.

The inquest heard there was no evidence that Mr Jefferies left notes or messages before he died. The coroner said he could not rule Mr Jefferies’ death as suicide and recorded his death as drug related.

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