A 21-year-old “vulnerable” man with mental health problems headbutted a doctor at Newtown Medical Practice and smashed a picture over him, a court heard on Tuesday.

Kieran Reece Wilkins, of Ffordd Eglwys, Vaynor, Newtown, was charged with assaulting a doctor working for the NHS by beating and criminal damage to a picture frame, wall and chair at the medical practice.

In a separate incident he was charged with being in possession of an offensive weapon – a wooden chair with tape around the end acting as a handle, assaulting a police officer by beating and resisting a police officer.

Wilkins admitted all of the charges.

Stephen Davies, prosecuting, said Wilkins went to see Dr Alan Porter at 5.10pm on December 2 as a patient. Dr Porter said the defendant came into the room and was calm to begin with, but quickly became agitated, the court heard.

He started to swear at the doctor, telling him that no-one helps him.

“Dr Porter told him he needed to leave,” said Mr Davies.

Magistrates heard that Wilkins took a picture off the wall and threw it at the doctor and then smashed its frame on the wall.

The defendant then tried to run off and Dr Porter tried to stop him and was headbutted by Wilkins, Mr Davies said.

Dr Porter then shouted for help and his colleagues helped to restrain Wilkins, Welshpool magistrates heard.

Interviewed by police, Wilkins said he “didn’t want to hurt” Dr Porter with the picture frame.

The separate incident took place on December 14, 2019, in the early hours of the morning, when a police officer noticed Wilkins change direction on seeing him, Mr Davies said.

The defendant was pushing a bike and the officer suspected him of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Wilkins said: “No drugs but I do have a baseball bat,” the court heard.

Mr Davies said Wilkins was arrested and fell to the floor and then attempted to bite the officer on the hand.

He was taken to the Newtown custody suite where he attempted to spit at the officer and spat on his knee.

Owain Jones, defending, said that what Wilkins did was “unpleasant” but that he had submitted guilty pleas “and for what it’s worth, he’s sorry”.

Mr Jones said Wilkins was a “vulnerable adult” and that he had concerns that a restraining order could prevent him from accessing medical care.

The defence said that Wilkins denied attempting to bite the police officer’s hand but admitted the spitting.

Mr Jones, in relation to the offensive weapon charge, said: “It’s a broken chair leg which isn’t the greatest weapon.”

The defence said that Wilkins had a “difficult upbringing” and that he had schizophrenia and a personality disorder.

Mr Jones said that as was not suitable for a community order, he may not be suitable for a prison sentence either.

Magistrates sent the case to Mold Crown Court for sentencing on January 30.