VANDALS have trashed newly refurbished toilet facilities in Newtown.

Earlier this week work was carried out to upgrade the toilet facilities at the Gravel Car Park in the town centre.

But on Thursday they were again closed after vandals struck.

A spokesman for Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council which manages the facilities, took to Facebook to clarify the situation.

"We have unfortunately had to close the toilets this afternoon due to an act of vandalism.We will aim to get the facilities repaired as soon as we can", they said.

Prior to the vandalism, a town council spokesman said: "A new system has been installed in the Gentleman’s toilets in The Gravel Car Park which can reduce water consumption and energy usage without having a detrimental effect on hygiene and washroom cleanliness.

"Urinals that experience very heavy usage tend to suffer from similar problems: flooding, bad odours, regular blockages and high water and energy consumption.

"We wanted to find a system that would deal with the problems of odours, blocking and urinal flooding, without the need for unsafe chemicals or constant flushing.

"The new system that has been installed, The Whiffaway Water-Warrior™ is a complete, environmentally friendly, urinal hygiene service. The patented Whiffaway cartridge is replaced every three months when servicing is undertaken, ensuring the system continues to smell fresh and remain hygienic."