WHAT would your dream job involve?

If sunshine, rollercoasters and a hefty salary all spring to mind we might have found the perfect position for you.

Travel website Ocean Florida is currently looking for a Theme Park Tester.

The once in a lifetime role will see the lucky candidate spend three weeks in Orlando's most popular theme parks.

And on top of that you'll get a £3,000 salary and the option to take a mate or family member with you.

All you have to do in return is review the rides, photo ops and food on sale.

A spokesman added: "As our professional Florida Theme Park Tester, you will spend three magical weeks in Orlando's most popular theme parks during April/May (depending on availability) and will be tasked with providing essential feedback on each park based on the below criteria:

  • Overall experience
  • Quality and variety of food & drink
  • Souvenirs & brand merchandise
  • Suitability for families/couples
  • Thrill factor for each ride, show, and display
  • Parades
  • Photo ops

"As the successful applicant, you will be social media savvy and capture top-notch photo/video content for each element of your experience, as well as a daily video diary.

"You’ll be encouraged to share your experience on your own Instagram account and potentially take over the Ocean Florida social channels."

What you get in return: 

  • £3,000 salary
  • Option to bring a partner/friend/family member (18+) if desired
  • Travel and accommodation costs will be covered for you and +1 for the duration of the three-week testing period
  • A daily budget to cover specific review activities - such as rating the infamous Hogsmeade Butterbeer
  • Fast passes/ photo passes provided throughout the duration of the job (rides, food, tickets, etc)
  • Go Pro camera to capture content
  • Fitbit to measure steps and heart-rate during different activities

How to apply: 

You've got until January 31 to fill out an application form here

Applicants must be aged over 18.

A shortlist of successful applicants will then be progressed onto stage two, where a video application will be required

Stage three will entail phone interviews

The final stage will be one-to-one video interviews, after which, the lucky candidate will be selected