STEPS are being taken to try to make the Newtown bypass even safer.

Montgomeryshire Assembly Member Russell George wants to see additional road markings on the bypass. And the AM would also like to see a roundabout replace the traffic lights at the McDonald’s junction.

He said: “A few safety concerns on the bypass have been brought to my attention including the absence of arrow signals directing drivers to lanes before roundabouts where two lanes return to one.

“I have raised this with the Welsh Government and was informed that a road safety audit had been completed. The project team raised the same issue suggesting additional road markings.

“The recommendations have not been accepted by the auditor based on the lack of evidence that no accidents have occurred. I strongly believe that safety measures should be in place before accidents happen, this is just common sense.

“I have been assured that officials will be setting up a camera to monitor a month’s worth of vehicular activity and the video footage will be reviewed to determine if there are a significant number of incidents and the project team will discuss the next steps based on the findings.

“The question has once more been raised of reinstating the roundabout at McDonald’s junction and also a pedestrian crossing on Dolfor Road among other traffic improvements in and around the town. I have raised this with Powys County Council who will soon be taking over former trunk roads through the town.”

Mr George has called for authorities to work together on safety measures.

He added: “I have experienced resistance from both Welsh Government and county council for a roundabout to replace the lights at McDonald’s junction on the grounds that the original roundabout did not work effectively due to being too small and secondly, that pedestrians need to cross at this point which is safer with lights.

“The council is currently monitoring traffic flows and changes to traffic behaviour as drivers establish different routes in and out of the town.”