THERE are final chances to see Helly Powell’s “Fauxidermy: Beasts of the Mabinogion” exhibition at the MOMA Museum of Modern Art Machynlleth closing this Saturday, January 11.

Helly’s sculptures bring to life creatures from the most famous of all collections of Welsh folk tales.

The early Welsh collection of tales from which the Mabinogion takes its name, intertwines legend, folklore, tradition and history.

County Times:

Passed down by word of mouth by the early Welsh bards, it has given rise to a timeless literary heritage and continues to inspire artists.

Helly’s research of animals and their representation in Welsh culture has led her back to the tales of the Mabinogion. Possibly the earliest tales of love, betrayal and conquest with the native animals playing a cameo role – often sitting on the boundaries of reality and other worlds.

County Times:

Taking over in the Ruralist Room from January 18, will be the “Millennium Tapestry”, a project devised by Anne Lingard Bell of Derwenlas who brought together a group of friends and gave each of them a square of canvas on which to embroider an image of a favourite place in or near Machynlleth.

They had one year, 1999, in which to create these squares, which were then assembled and sewn together, and framed for permanent display at The Tabernacle.

"Love/Cariad", is the title fir this year’s Tabernacle Art Competition, with a first prize of £1,200.

There are also second and third prizes and prizes for best aged 11 and under, and ages 12 to 17.

Entry packs will be available from February, and entries no larger than 36 x 48 inches, must be delivered in June for judging and display in the summer Machynlleth Festival exhibition.