More needs to be done to promote and protect biodiversity in Llanfair Caereinion, a report reveals.

The report, Biodiversity and Resilience of Ecosystems, published by the town council, suggests a range of ideas to encourage native species to thrive in Llanfair Caereinion.

The town could see the introduction of an otter holt on the River Banwy, a bat roost at Deri Woods Pump House and the continued installation of bird and bat boxes. The Countryside Council for Wales said the existence of otters was an indicator of a healthy eco-system. Native wild flower species could be planted on Mountfield bank in Spring 2021, while placing hanging baskets and pots around the town could help species.

The report praises the Deri Woods project, a joint venture with Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust with Llanfair Caereinion Town Council, describing it as a “resounding success” with the community, well attended events and increasing number of volunteers.

However, the town council said time and knowledge has been a barrier. The report added: “The town council is extremely busy on a daily basis as financial cut backs from Powys County Council put a strain on time available to deal with biodiversity and ecological matters.”

The plan will be reviewed quarterly at a full meeting of Llanfair Town Council and put on the agenda.

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