A RADNORSHIRE church organ casing, reputed to be the "oldest in the country", features in a new documentary film about the instrument.

St Stephen's, at Old Radnor, is the home of the historic feature, which dates back to around 1540.

The new feature-length three-part documentary by Fugue State Films, available to order from its website, traces the history and development of the organ and its music from 1550 to the present, showcasing its vibrant culture, music and social impact.

'The English Organ', directed by Will Fraser and presented by Daniel Moult, features St Stephen's, in Old Radnor, and celebrates the arc and development of the organ in the UK.

A spokeswoman added: "It also tells a broader story as the development of the organ exactly echoes the narrative of all the major events and epochs in our history, from Reformation, civil war, Restoration, slave trade, colonial expansion, Industrial Revolution, democratisation, world wars, popular culture, religious decline and even Brexit!

"The film makers are also hoping to break perceptions and outdated opinion of the organ and inspire and encourage more female scholars and younger musicians in general to take up the instrument.

"The organ at Old Radnor features because it is the oldest organ case in the country. No complete instrument survives from before around 1680, so this case from1540 is very rare. Also it is mysterious because it is a very richly decorated case that would have cost a lot of money, many times the price of a normal organ, and no-one knows why it is in such a remote location.

"It is relevant to the story of the English Organ because it demonstrates that the Reformation and Civil War completely wiped out the entire organ history – for example the original case survives at Old Radnor, but the organ inside it is Victorian. An old bit of wood found in Wetheringsett, Suffolk is the original soundboard from an organ around 1540 but nothing else of that original organ exists in Suffolk. This completes the story, if you put these two artefacts together you get a full portrait of what organs were like."

'The English Organ' multi-DVD box set is available to order at: https://fuguestatefilms.co.uk.