THE decision by consultants to terminate its contract with Powys County Council (PCC) to develop a Newtown Business Improvement District (BID) will be discussed at a meeting of all involved.

On Friday, December 6, Revive & Thrive owner, Cllr Mark Barnes (Conservative – Newtown, Llanllwchaiarn West) announced the decision.

BIDs for both Newtown and Brecon, by Revive & Thrive were supposed to be discussed at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, December 17, with votes  to decide whether to go ahead with BIDs or not scheduled to take place soon.

BID is a defined area within which businesses are required to pay an additional tax known as a ‘levy’ in order to fund projects within the district’s boundaries.

Questions were raised last year about Cllr Barnes’ firm being awarded the contract for both BIDs.

He answered those criticism by saying he would be staying away from the day to day running of the BIDs.

Many in Newtown believe that projects proposed there need better scrutiny and this lead to rowing online between people for or against schemes.

Discussion has taken place on the ‘No BID Newtown’ Facebook page

As a used car dealership owner, Cllr Barnes could be a future investor and levy payer.

In a statement Revive & Thrive said it believed the anti-BID site was publishing “misleading” articles in relation to developing the BID project in Newtown.

Revive & Thrive said it offered to meet publicly to debate the topics with members of the No Newtown BID in public.

The statement by Revive & Thrive said: “The company has taken the decision following the lack of support it has received from its client, PCC, in countering claims made against both it and the local authority.”

Revive & Thrive director, Matt Powell, added: “I feel deeply disappointed for the businesses in Newtown that what could and should have been a fantastic project for the town is now put at serious risk by a very small minority.”

Revive & Thrive said it will carry on its work  to bring a set of BID proposals to ballot for Brecon in January 2020.

A spokesperson for PCC, said: “We can confirm that Revie & Thrive have offered their resignation from the Newtown BID process.

“Their decision will be discussed by a meeting of the BID Steering Group later this week.”