Montgomeryshire candidates give views on Brexit...

Kishan Devani - Liberal Democrats
County Times: Kishan Devani is the Liberal Democrats' General Election 2019 candidate for MontgomeryshireKishan Devani is the Liberal Democrats' General Election 2019 candidate for Montgomeryshire
Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to put an end to this Brexit mess and stop both Johnson and Corbyn ruining our country.

Brexit puts our vital services, like the NHS, at risk and if the Tories get their way, our health service could be up-for-sale to Trump’s America. 

On the flip side, if we stop this Brexit nonsense, we will receive a remain bonus of £50 billion pounds which we can spend on our schools, the NHS and vital public services. 

Electing me as your MP is the only way to get the Brexit process over. 

Although the Conservatives claim that a vote for them will ‘get Brexit done’, it won’t: it will simply usher in more years of difficult negotiations over the UK’s trade deal with the EU, with a very high chance of Britain crashing out and trying to survive on so-called ‘WTO terms’ – a deal so bad that almost no other country anywhere in the world trades on that basis.

Labour want to reopen the Withdrawal Agreement all over again and negotiate a new deal – but they will not say whether they want Britain to remain in the EU or leave. 

The fact is that whether Labour Red or Tory Blue, Brexit is bad for the UK.

The Liberal Democrats want to build a brighter future for the UK by using the £50 Billion Remain Bonus on vital, good quality public services which we all deserve.

Kait Duerden - Labour

County Times: Labour's General Election 2019 candidate for Montgomeryshire is Kait DuerdenLabour's General Election 2019 candidate for Montgomeryshire is Kait Duerden
After three years of negotiation with the EU, and after having had Teresa May’s deal turned down by her own party three times, we are entering year four of Brexit. 

Boris Johnson’s deal is worse than Teresa May’s and will put a hard border, with tariffs, between Wales and Ireland. 

The UK is divided. 

The Conservatives’ deal with the Brexit Party makes a damaging ‘No Deal Brexit’ more likely. 

On the opposite side, the Liberal Democrats want to revoke Article 50 and pretend the 2016 referendum never happened.

This is undemocratic. From both ends of this spectrum people are shouting and they are not listening – to each other, or to the British people. 

Labour is proposing a sensible way forward. 

We intend to negotiate a soft, less damaging Brexit which will preserve jobs, industry and farming; a deal which will avoid the sale of our NHS as part of a bargaining chip with the USA.

We propose to put this back to the people in a referendum, with an option to remain. 

Everyone voting will know what the deal is this time. 

We will abide by the result. This is the only fair way to proceed and the only way to bring the country back together again. 

I support this proposal. 

I realise that everyone who has already taken sides is shouting for Jeremy Corbyn to join them. 

I welcome the announcement that he will remain neutral and oversee the process in a way that is fair and has clarity. 

I voted remain in the first referendum. 

I will vote the same way in the second one.

I respect the fact that others feel differently.

Gwyn Wigley Evans - Gwlad Gwlad
County Times: Gwyn Evans is Gwlad Gwlad's General Election 2019 candidate for MontgomeryshireGwyn Evans is Gwlad Gwlad's General Election 2019 candidate for Montgomeryshire
“Brexit? – we put Independence at the heart of this election
GWLAD GWLAD’s objective is Independence for Wales, the freedom to make our own rules and regulations in an independent sovereign state which could then decide on entry to the EU or not, as an equal small nation like Luxembourg, Malta and others.

Wales’ needs are different to the Southeast of England and we want our country back – Whitehall has starved us of money and support, making us still one of the poorest countries in Europe.

Cymru, as a stand-alone nation of powerful communities, with a bottom up approach to government, is GWLAD’s objective, local people controlling our country with a Welsh Assembly nurturing new ideas and a less centralized government structure.

GWLAD recognises that the democratic vote across Wales three years ago was for Brexit, we cannot and should not disrespect this decision, but we must fight to make ‘the deal’ the best possible for Wales, and the quicker we resolve this terrible mess, which has created stark divisions in society, the better.

Whilst we respect our English, Scottish, and Irish neighbours, we believe good relations are best fostered as equal partners - but London continues to hold us back.

GWLAD’s radical, pragmatic solutions to the economic and social issues facing contemporary Wales are not tied to any ideology, not left or right but what’s right for Wales.

Our income – from water, electricity, taxes, multi-national business - is taken from our country, syphoned out of the economy deliberately, leaving us the poorer, when we should be a wealthy nation.

Vote for yourselves, vote for our country, Wales, Cymru.
Vote GWLAD GWLAD! Diolch.

Craig Williams - Conservatives
County Times: Craig Williams is the Conservatives' General Election 2019 candidate for MontgomeryshireCraig Williams is the Conservatives' General Election 2019 candidate for Montgomeryshire
We need to GET BREXIT DONE. 

We held a referendum and had a clear instruction to leave the EU. Montgomeryshire, Wales and the UK voted to leave. 

This issue needs to be resolved. 

We’re working to get Brexit done, pass our deal and honour the result of the referendum.

There is also a broader point about whether we live in a democracy. 

We gave this decision to the people “Remain or Leave”. 

Leave won, and that result must be honoured. 

The last few years have been frustrating. 

As Conservatives we get it. 

We’ve been just as frustrated as you. 

We’ve had three years of a hung parliament that agrees on nothing except more arguments. But we don’t have to go on like this. 

Together, we can end the doom and gloom.

The country needs a majority government. The great thing about a majority Conservative Government is that it can get Brexit done. 

And that’s exactly what we’ll do. Passing our Brexit deal. 
I personally worked in the Brexit department until recently and I know this deal is ready to go from day one.

It protects jobs and trade. It means we can leave the EU by the end of January. And it means we can get on with the country’s priorities.

I will let you judge other parties offers, but I believe we, the Conservative Party represent the only realistic way to get Brexit done and move on.


The UK General Election is set to take place on Thursday, December 12.