The new county councillor for Llandrindod Wells North Ward has decided to donate some of his allowances to community projects.

Councillor Jake Berriman, who was elected in a Powys County Council by-election at the end of October, will be giving out grants for up to £100 to projects within the North Ward.

The Liberal Democrat councillor said: "Following my election as the county councillor for Llandrindod Wells North Ward I have decided to donate some of my Powys councillor allowance to community projects within the North Ward.

"I have seen how small amounts of money can really help to get things off the ground."

Cllr Berriman said that the grants will be up to £100 per organisation to enable him to support "as many groups and projects as possible". "However, I may consider grants for larger amounts if appropriate," he added.

"Although I recognise these are only small sums of money, I will be looking for projects which have the greatest impact or benefit for the North Ward. I retain absolute discretion in decisions reached."

The councillor said that if the grant is awarded recipients should be able to:

• spend the grant within a reasonable timeframe, depending on the project, but in most cases within three months.

• evidence expenditure if required.

• provide feedback and/or photographs about how the money was spent and how it benefitted the North Ward.

"If appropriate I am happy to be further involved with the project," Cllr Berriman said.

To fill out the Grant Application Form online, click here.

If you would like a Word or PDF version to complete and return by email or print off and post, then email