AN ‘UTTERLY inspiring’ teenage carer is to jump out of a plane in memory of her mother, to raise money for charity.

Emily Bleakley, a young carer from Newtown High School, is diving out of a plane to raise funds for Credu Connecting Carers and Cancer Research.

Emily, now 16 years old, is passionate about raising awareness and funds for these charities after caring for her Mum who died of terminal cancer when she was just 14 years old.

She said: “I’m a young carer for my younger brother who has autism.

“Before this, my caring role was completely different as I used to care for my mum who recently died from terminal cancer.

“As I’m sure you can appreciate, I am finding this period in my life pretty difficult as it means balancing school with my caring role and processing the grief of my mum.”

She added: “However, by speaking out about my caring journey and raising funds for Carers and for Cancer Research, I am able to support others, whilst also making a positive impact on my own well-being.

“It also means that I can continue my mum’s legacy of helping others and hopefully make her proud.

“As you know, being a carer is not always miserable. During my time raising awareness of young and young adult carers, I have met the most fantastic people, each with their own views and experiences to share.

“The best thing for me is knowing that the support we receive in our local communities can encourage others to step forward and spread the message of carers far and wide.

“This all takes us one step further in making sure everyone knows who we are, what we do and how they can support the people behind the stories.”

Emily will bravely leap from an aeroplane on February 8, 2020, you can help her raise funds by visiting

Credu is a local charity to support young and adult carers across Powys with these challenges, help with raising awareness, as well as to supporting carers to have a strong voice in the planning and delivery of services.