Kellan had just turned one when his dad, Simon Ebrey, took him to hospital. He was unwell, he knew that, but he had no idea what with.

"When you take your child to hospital you expect them to be made better; not that you're going to be dealing with this condition for the rest of your life, and theirs."

He was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes within an hour of arriving at Telford Hospital. He was then kept in for 10 days, under observation, where he had finger prick tests several times a day.

Two years down the line and Kellan has an insulin pump in a little bumbag around his waist. It helps him keep an eye on his sugar and insulin levels, and an alarm goes off if anything goes wrong.

But keeping everything under control isn't always easy, especially with a three year old.

"You try and tell a child to eat vegetables and they'll say 'no, I want crisps and sweets!' Everything has to be carefully checked, and some people don't realise he needs to take insulin before he can have something like a big slice of chocolate cake," Simon said.

"For most parents they can put their child to bed and won't have to think about them for eight hours. But sometimes I have to wake up at 3am and inflict pain on mine. And watching that can be heart wrenching sometimes."

Kellan goes to the Park Lane Day Nursery in Welshpool; and started there before he was diagnosed with diabetes. And thankfully, the staff there were more willing to be trained up in how to use Kellan's insulin pump.

They were also keen to get behind World Diabetes Day. It took place on Thursday last week, and the children all dressed up as superheroes to raise money for JDRF; a charity with the aim of improving lives and finding a cure for people with Type One Diabetes.

Simon said: "It's great that they're so keen to support us. I really appreciate the effort they put in to look after Kellan."

If you'd like to donate to the charity, you can pop into the Monkey Puzzle cafe, where Simon has a collection box.