On Monday, November 11, one very special Knightonian celebrated a very special day indeed, as it was on that date 100 years ago, the very first anniversary of Armistice Day, that long-time Knighton resident Winifred Plant was born.

Win moved to Knighton in 1961 when her husband Joe was appointed manager of what was then Allcock’s Stores, in Broad Street, later renamed Fine Fair and now known to all as SPAR.

Towards the end of the decade Win and Joe took over the newly built Fronhir Stores and many local people will remember how they built it into a thriving and popular business, running it until they retired. Win was widowed 18 years ago, but with the loving support of her two children has continued to live in her Knighton home ever since.

Anyone who has lived through the last 100 years would have a tale to tell and Win still recalls how during the Second World War she worked by day on aircraft instrument calibration in Coventry, one of the most heavily blitzed of all British cities, then would rush home to Balsall Heath, Birmingham, change into her St John’s Ambulance uniform and spend her nights picking up the wounded during German bombing raids on her own city.

Her memories of incendiary bombs bursting all around the ambulance as they went about their work live with her to this day.

Win’s 100th birthday celebrations, however, focused on happier times: joining her at her Knighton home were her son and daughter Christopher and Catherine, their partners Karen and Brendan, grandchildren Tom and Lydia and great grandson Ezra.