A POPULAR town crier is now using her vocal skills to help couples get hitched.

Montgomery Town Crier for 16 years and a previous town councillor Sue Blower has added to her duties having become a fully qualified celebrant.

She has already conducted a wedding ceremony and is looking to utilise her speaking skills honed as a master of ceremonies to play a part in other big occasions for local people.

Sue said: "It's an addition to what I can offer as a Town Crier and I qualified in March.

"I've been a master of ceremonies for a number of events and also do a lot of public speaking so it has felt like a natural progression.

"Earlier this year I completed the training and am qualified to take on weddings, funerals, services for new born's, in a non-religious setting."

A celebrant carries out their duties at ceremonies ranging from naming children, weddings with a registrar present, or a visit to a registrar office earlier by the bride and groom. funerals at a crematorium, green-field site, or other locations of a family's choosing.

They can also assist with the delivery of a eulogy, renewal of marriage vows or church christening, but are unable to conduct ceremonies on consecrated premises.

Sue added: "I was interested in becoming a celebrant as I've done a lot of eulogies in the past and worked as a nurse tutor but am now semi-retired.

"The training was both residential and online to complete the unit.

"I can offer something personal and bespoke and have already done a wedding in Shropshire and have completed a number of funerals. All very different, With my background in palliative care and bereavement it has Been a privilege to provide an individual service fir a number of funeral’s with the added bonus of providing bereavement support. The ceremonial aspect of weddings is becoming more and more popular, they don't necesarily take place at churches anymore.

"They can take place anywhere, even in the back garden of your home, so there is more demand for celebrants."

To contact Sue at Trefaldwyn Celebrant Services . 01686668379. 07939128286 . susieblowermtc@hotmail.co.uk

Rates available on request. .