A former mayor of Llandrindod Wells has announced that he is standing to become the MP for Brecon and Radnorshire for the Welsh Christian Party.

Jeff Green, who runs a B&B with his wife Sue in Llandrindod, submitted his nomination just days before the deadline.

In a statement announcing his candidacy, it says that The Welsh Christian Party is now pro-leave under new leadership and that it stands for "strong moral values, strong families, healthy children and traditional marriage".

The party also said it stands for "British law, excellence in education, strong national defence, personal responsibility, protection of all life, financial integrity, and a United Kingdom free of the clutches of the EU".

A spokesperson said: "Within Brecon and Radnorshire Jeff wants to champion Welsh farming and ensure local produce is supplied to local schools and hospitals.

"In education, he wants to find ways of helping our young people complete their education so they can fulfil their true potential. He would reinstate classical subjects, ensure the teaching of creationism is taught alongside the theory of evolution, and focus on tests and competition to challenge pupils to achieve better results.

"He will focus on tourism and encourage more investment in Mid Wales to develop a strong and vibrant economy to prosper the area and create jobs. He will improve family support schemes to strengthen families to reduce mental and physical health problems and which will enable young people to thrive and make good choices for themselves. We want to challenge our children to think for themselves.

"He will continue his support of CPRW in their opposition to blanket wind farms across our stunning landscape."

The Christian Party "supports marriage and the family". It says that the breakdown of the family costs more in tax credits, housing, health and social care and criminal justice which were estimated in 2016 to come to £48bn. The party also says that it is "business friendly". It wants to address lost revenue issues, simplify income tax banding, introduce a single rate corporation tax, remove taxation on interest payments on local savings/dividends, simplify capital gains tax, abolish inheritance tax and reduce the size of the Inland Revenue Service. These are all ideas to "encourage businesses to prosper and create more jobs," a party spokesperson said.

The Christian Party has a firm stance on abortion, and says that it "defends all right to life from conception to natural death and will oppose all measures to promote abortion and assisted dying".

It also wants to help people leaving prison, help them back into work, and help them break their addictions. "Reduced reoffending will reduce crime," the party said.

The party says that UK voters have a "right to be concerned" with other parties making "fantastical spending claims". "We need a party who can handle spending and decision making in a wise and resourceful way."

"As a party we are looking at supporting and promoting our traditional heritage which has stood us in such good stead in the past. Slavery was abolished under Wilberforce, slums were abolished under Lord Shaftsbury, the Trade Unions were created out of the Methodist movement and the NHS was created by Lord Bevan which used many hospitals that were created and funded by churches. Christians were using their faith and their wealth to benefit others such as the Victorian philanthropists who built swimming pools and libraries for the benefit for their fellow working man.

"The Christian Party embraces these enduring Christian principles today and offers voters a chance to vote for candidates who believe we are held to higher standards."

Mr Green and Mrs Green have run their guest house business in Llandrindod Wells for 17 years and have been married for 23 years. They have three children. He has worked as parent governor, served seven years as town councillor in the town, two years of those as mayor. A spokesperson said that as mayor he worked "tirelessly to bring back the town's assets for the benefit and enjoyment of the people".