GWLAD - Gwlad has announced its Parliamentary candidate for Montgomeryshire.

The party was launched 12 months ago, after several years of hoping for a change in the way the UK is run - and Gwyn Wigley Evans has been selected as their candidate to stand for Montgomeryshire.

He said: “We believe that Wales can be a very successful stand-alone nation and we are working hard to promote the cause for independence by attracting the 90 per cent of Welsh electorate who do not vote for Plaid Cymru.

“We really need to move away from the Westminster circus. At least we have the opportunity of running our own country. I feel sorry for the English who are unable to escape from the farce that is being enacted in the Houses of Parliament, at least we can do something about it, as can Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

Gwyn was born in Machynlleth and brought up in Cemaes Road, moving to Colwyn Bay, Wrecsam and London for 15 years as a textile agent of fabrics from Europe to main high street chain stores and also became secretary of Plaid Cymru London Branch.

He returned to farm in Aberdyfi, and later Llanddeiniol, taking a keen interest in agricultural politics through the FUW and lately involved with the anti rewilding meetings in West Wales.

“Business has taken me to Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Pakistan and China and we export fabric from Newtown to South Africa and Pakistan,” said Gwyn. “This has given me a brilliant insight into how other independent nations work”.

He has been a voluntary worker with Cruse Bereavement as counsellor for 21 years, ran Seren (adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse) for 10 years, and volunteered at the Samaritans.