Councillors have agreed to spend an extra £4,000 on additional works to the Welshpool Town Hall’s replacement fire alarm system; bringing the total up to almost £40,000.

Welshpool Town Councillors said that safety was a “necessity”.

This comes after the building was temporarily closed at the end of August when faults were found with the fire alarms. The building was then kept open, until the new system was put in place, with people volunteering as fire wardens.

Welshpool Town Council had already spent almost £35,000 on replacing the the fire alarm system in the town hall, but councillors agreed on spending extra money on additional repairs.

These works are for linking up the fire alarm system to a central station, installing alarms in the basement, boiler area and escape route, and installing a detector in the bear cellar (old ladies’ toilets).

Steve Kaye, the mayor, said that the work “costs a lot” but that “once it’s in, it’s in”.

Councillor Richard Church questioned whether people would be able to use the areas of the town hall if the work wasn’t done and if it would impact insurance. He also said that if the fire officer expects it to be done then it should be.

David Preston, acting as the clerk for the meeting, said that it was “vital” to be linked up to central station.

Councillor Heather Sherlock said: “I think it’s a necessity”. She said she had been watching the news on the report into the Grenfell Tower fire. “What would we do if we were responsible for somebody’s life?”

Councillor Alison Davies said that the council does need to economise in different areas, but that “safety is not one”.

Hazel Evans said: “What price do you put on somebody’s life? I think it’s a necessity and it should be done.”