THIS Christmas, children in schools all across Powys will be able to enjoy a roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings, should they wish.

Powys County Council (PCC), anti-poverty champion, Cllr Joy Jones (Non-Aligned – Newtown East) has had it confirmed that this year’s festive fare will be available in schools.

This follows the debacle last year when Cllr Jones organised a petition that received 6,000 signatures as a menu that resembled not much more than a packed lunch was revealed for Christmas 2018.

Cllr Jones said: “It has been confirmed that this year we have the traditional Christmas menu.”

Cllr Phyl Davies (education portfolio holder Conservative, Blaen-Hafren)  has made sure this year it will be on offer to all children in Powys schools if the school chooses to do it .

“Price same as normal meals £2.45 primary school and £2.55 high school.”

This is less than the price of last year meal which was done as a one-off and cost £3 per primary school pupil, 70pence more than normal.

Cllr Jones added: “It’s fantastic news that it’s not going to cost any more that a normal school meal.

“As Anti-Poverty Champion for Powys I felt it important as for some children it may be the only traditional Christmas dinner they get as some parents are facing problems financially and can’t afford to a have big traditional dinner this year.”

The reaction to the news has been positive:

Cllr Ange Williams (Knighton – Action for Powys), thanked Cllr Jones for her hard work in making this possible.

Teresa Nash-McNeil said on Facebook: “Well done Joy.

“I left school many years ago, but I remember the excitement of school Christmas dinner and I’m glad it’s a tradition that has been kept going, for the sake of my grandchildren and all children in Powys.”

It was revealed a year ago that the Christmas dinner for schools in 2018 was to be a filled sandwich, Margharita pizza finger, breaded coated chicken or vegetable nuggets, and carrot and cucumber sticks, strawberry jelly and shortbread biscuit or fresh fruit.

Within days of the petition gathering huge support, PCC had changed their minds and a Christmas meal was back on the menu.