Words. We all use them, lots of them every day. And they can be so helpful. Yet they can also be less than helpful, even obstructive at times if used without understanding, or definition or even used at the wrong time with the wrong nuance.

‘What Three Words’ is a marvellous example of how to use words in a powerful, new way. W3W is a service that has mapped the world to provide a new way of defining location. We all know about postcodes and how inaccurate they are in rural areas in particular.

Their “problem” is that they are a collection of a number of properties, rather a definition of location. So in a town, a postcode will cover 20 or so houses, within 100 yards of each other. In rural areas, the same number of houses would be spread over a far wider area. But by using W3W far more specific locations can be given.

W3W has put a grid on the whole of the surface of the earth that defines a three metre by three-metre square and then gives each square a reference based on three words. So if you want to go to the FUW head office you go to ‘Mooring.Condense.Milder’. But if you wanted the entrance to the car park the address is ‘Hooks.Ticked.Harmonica’.

This might sound all a bit strange, but it is based on a very simple notion that provides absolute clarity for a location. And it uses three simple words to convey the message.

If only we could achieve the same clarity from all the words we use. At the moment three words that are in very regular use are Brexit.Election.Uncertainty.

We have been in a vacuum with a Parliament unable or unwilling to deliver a solution to Brexit, leading to greater uncertainty in the country.

This General Election might remove that uncertainty and therefore can be seen as a possible solution to the problem but it must not be seen as a single-issue election over a single subject that has dominated our lives for so long.

We will be issuing our key asks of the prospective new Government shortly and hustings will be held across the country - more details to follow. Until then, maybe three words we should focus on, are Research.Involvement.Vote - after all, it is our future at stake and we must make informed decisions when we take to the polls in December.