A MOTORCYCLIST died of chest injuries in a road traffic collision, a coroner has concluded.

Alfred Keith Jones, from Shrewsbury, died in Sarn aged 61 after his motorbike collided with a Vauxhall Astra opposite the Church of Holy Trinity on May 28.

An inquest into his death held in Welshpool by Ian Boyes, assistant coroner for South Wales and Central, reached a conclusion that Mr Jones died of chest trauma and multiple injuries as a result of the incident.

A statement by Robert Whittle, who witnessed the collision, was read out to the hearing.

He described how he had been travelling behind Mr Jones's motorbike, that conditions were good and the bike was travelling within the 40 miles per hour speed limit on the A489 heading towards Kerry.

Mr Whittle's statement described seeing an Astra coming from the opposite direction, crossing the centre of the road heading straight for Mr Jones's motorbike.

Mr Jones's Suzuki bike was hit by the wing mirror of the Astra and forced into the kerb.

A police enquiry found the conditions were not a contributing factor, there had been no medical emergency to cause the collision and no-one had been travelling at excessive speed.

Mr Boyes recorded a conclusion of road traffic collision, providing a cause of death of chest trauma and multiple injuries, from which Mr Jones was "unable to recover".