THE Plaid Cymru candidate no longer in the race to become Montgomeryshire's next MP has expressed his disappointment at being made to stand down.

Candidates from pro-European Union parties have entered a pact to give voters a single Remain choice in dozens of constituencies at the General Election with Brexit once again a key issue.

The Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Greens will not run candidates against each other in 60 seats across England and Wales.

This deal includes Montgomeryshire, where Plaid Cymru group leader, Elwyn Vaughan, Glantwymyn County Councillor, will no longer be running despite being named a prospective parliamentary candidate back in July.

The move leaves Liberal Democrat candidate, Kishan Devani as the only 'remain' candidate left in the election race.

Mr Vaughan has told the County Times that he was disappointed by the decision made by those higher up in the party, but says he understood the reasons.

He said: "Mr first reaction is that I'm naturally very disappointed.

"But I fully understand that this is a strategic approach. We live in mad political times and it's part of a bigger picture.

"We (Plaid Cymru) had a meeting at the Monty Club in Newtown on Tuesday night to give people the chance to air their views, and there are other people who are also disappointed."

But Mr Vaughan added that he would not rule out standing again in the future should there be an opportunity to do so.

"I would happily stand again", he said.

"It's not about politics, it's about people and communities.

"And I'll still be here working in and for the community, long after the other candidates have left."

The pact, brokered by the Unite To Remain group, follows an agreement earlier this year in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election, where the Lib Dems took the seat from the Conservatives after the other two parties stood aside.

Liberal Democrat candidate Kishan Devani of the electoral pact: “I'm humbled.

“I am very humbled that the Plaid Cymru and Green candidates would do that.

“It takes a lot to stand aside for the greater good to fight the Tories. That’s fantastic.”