A BLIND couple have spoken out about the inconsiderate parking which is blighting their day to day lives.

Chris Gwilt-Hoofe and husband Tony Hoofe, of Tan-Y-Mur, Montgomery, who are registered blind, are fed up of having to negotiate cars parked on pavements, in front of drop down kerbs, and general littering, when they are out with their guide dogs, Labradoodles Candy, five and and Lucy, three.

They are pleading with motorists to be more considerate and feel that if more people experience what it is like to be blind when walking around Montgomery and Newtown, they would think twice about their behaviour.

Mrs Gwilt-Hoofe said: "My husband and I are both blind and we have both got dogs but people park on the pavement, and on drop down kerbs which can make it difficult for the blind and the disabled.

"People ask me how I manage and the answer is 'not very good'.

"There are also issues with people chucking litter and leaving dog poo on the pavements.

"I spoke to one lady who did not pick up her dog poo and she said the thought of picking it up was disgusting. I asked how disgusting she thought it was for people who could step in it."

Mrs Gwilt-Hoofe says that she feels more would be done to help

"We feel that county councillors, town councillors, police officers should have a go at being blindfolded to see how difficult it is to get around.

"Street furniture is difficult too, with so many benches and chairs in Montgomery and Newtown. Wheelchair users have the same problem.

"People need to keep their cars off the pavement but we could do with more double yellow lines."

A spokesman for Powys County Council said: "We urge motorists to be considerate when parking, and make sure they allow room for those using the pavements, keeping in mind wheelchair users and people with prams as well.

"We would encourage people not to park in front of drop down kerbs and vehicles parked illegally become an enforcement issue for the police."