A ZOMBIE movie filmed in and around Llanidloes is having its first showing in town next week.

Dead Good Beer is a zero budget film produced Llanidloes filmmaker Matthew Davies that was shot in the Angel Inn and the Old Mill, with a cast and crew of local people.

“Dead Good Beer isn’t a Hollywood blockbuster. It’s a Montgomeryshire film and it’s been made with blood, sweat and beers!” Matthew said.

“We’re proud that we managed to write, film and edit this community film on a zero budget. It’s given a lot of people the chance to be involved in a feature film.”

The 52-minute comedy-horror film follows a brother and sister as they struggle to find a cure for some dodgy beer that’s been made from GM crops.

“You know you’ve got a bad brew when the beer turns you into zombies,” added Matthew.

Dead Good Beer (certified 15) will have its Llanidloes premiere on Wednesday, November 6, at 7pm and 8.30pm in Pwdin at the Whispering Badger, in Shortbridge Street. Admission is free.

RIGHT: A scene from the movie “Dead Good Beer” which premiers next week.