PLANS to build 22 homes in Guilsfield near Welshpool have been submitted to Powys County Council (PCC).

The outline planning application for land to the east of Groes-Lwyd has already been discussed at a public meeting organised by Guilsfield Community Council in August as part of a pre-application consultation.

Agents for Mrs G Davies, Roger Parry and partners, said in a Design and Access (DAS) Statement: “The proposed development is a greenfield site within the settlement of Guilsfield.

“And is an allocated site for residential development within Powys Local Development Plan (LDP).

“Guilsfield is a sustainable village and identified in the Powys LDP as a large village where housing growth will be accommodated in proportion to the settlements size, facilities and capacity to accommodate growth.”

The development will also include a new residential access road, and the 30mph zone on the road in to Guilsfield from the Hardings side could also be put back to include the site.

The DAS adds that the affordable housing contribution from the proposal could be five homes and the site would be a mixture of two tree and four bedroomed detached and semi-detached houses.

The DAS continues: “Whilst the application is only in outline form the design of the development is planned to blend in with the existing character of the surrounding rural area,

“The scale of the proposed properties is not considered to be out of character with the locality.

“indicative plans of the proposals have been submitted with this application, aiming to reflect the style and character of surrounding properties within the immediate area.

“The proposed dwellings have been have been orientated so that the rear gardens face south east to south west as much as possible to benefit from all day sun.”

The DAS continues: “The scheme will have a significant positive impact on the existing services of the village, in providing properties for local people which will inevitably help to sustain the existing service within the village.

“The proposal will inevitably boost the local economy, in not only providing additional housing to the settlement, but also providing work during the construction to local businesses and labourers.”

The agents also believe that the development would also provide more children for the village primary school ensuring it remains “necessary and open”.