MONTGOMERYSHIRE'S MP says he would welcome a "realistic timetable for considering the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill".

Glyn Davies, Conservative MP for Montgomeryshire, would support another Programme Motion, limited to a short and fixed period, to take forward the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill into law.

Commenting on the current impasse within the House of Commons, Mr Davies said: “Last Tuesday (October 22), MPs voted in favour of the UK leaving the EU for the first time ever. It was a historic moment. And by the comfortable margin of 30 votes (329-299).

"We now need to make progress in passing this Bill into law – ‘Getting Brexit Done’ and moving on to other issues.

“Also last Tuesday, MPs disappointingly declined to vote for the debate timetable (Programme Motion) needed to progress the Bill. This made it impossible to leave the EU with a deal on October 31 as the Prime Minister intended, and I wanted.

"The date had actually been decided by the EU earlier this year, and Boris Johnson has done everything possible to deliver Brexit on Halloween.

“The next step will depend on whether the EU grants a further extension of time for MPs to decide how to progress the Withdrawal Agreement Bill – and for how long.

"If the EU does not grant an extension, the UK will leave on the 31st without an agreement. If, as expected, the EU agrees to an extension, I believe MPs should act quickly to take the Bill forward.

"I realise there is a strong argument for a General Election to deliver a Parliament who would take forward the 2016 referendum result. But I simply do not believe the Labour Party would agree to it, and the Labour Party can stop it.

“In the absence of a General Election, I personally believe we should progress the Withdrawal Agreement Bill anyway, and immediately. And we must have a programme motion of reasonable length (about a week) and should bring it back to MPs. I believe MPs would now support it. Increasingly more Labour MPs want to get Brexit done and move on”.