A PROPOSAL to move a footpath in Llandrindod Wells will be discussed by councillors.

At the Planning, Taxi Licensing and Rights of Way committee on Thursday, October 24, councillors will be told that footpath CF22, on land east of Ithon Road needs to be moved because a housing estate is due to be built on it.

Back in March plans for 55 affordable homes were approved by the planning committee.

The report on the public path order proposal, says: “The applicant is JG Hale construction limited and the diversion proposals affects two private landowners and the Powys County Council schools service.

The report explains that CF22 is a “cul de sac” footpath in that it does not connect to any other public right of way or highway.

It is recorded as going from a road near to the cemetery close to the Old Isolation Hospital and the total length to be diverted is 69 metres.

The report also mentions that an alternative route (lower down on the map) would start near a farmstead called Ty Canol  on Ithon Road and goes in an east to south-easterly direction for around 125 metres to connect with footpath CF20.

The total length of the path is around 125 metres and the proposed width is three metres to allow for pedestrians and cyclist to use the path at the same time.

In April 2019, Asbri Planning, carried out pre-order consultations on behalf of the applicant.

Llandrindod Town Council supported the proposals and the county councillors for this part of Llandrindod, Gary Price (who resigned as a councillor in late August) and Jon Williams were consulted and no objections were received.

Peter Newman, of the Open Spaces Society,  has objected to the proposal as he was hoping for a dedicated footpath connection from the northern end of the development, west of Ithon Road and East to Holcombe Drive.

  • The report recommends that an order is made to divert footpath CF22.
  • If the order is opposed it is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for a decision.
  • The committee could take a neutral stance and the order is sent to the Planning Inspectorate for a decision.