As guests of Knighton and District Refugee Support Group, a party of over thirty refugees currently living in Cardiff enjoyed a memorable day out in Knighton on Saturday. Welcomed by support group volunteers, a varied programme of activities was provided, including a tour of the town, music-making, craft activities and a performance from a young local trio, Galibant, whose renditions of traditional

folk tunes was warmly appreciated. 

One definite highlight of the day was the surrounding countryside, including the river, where time was spent taking photographs and simply enjoying the peaceful autumn views.

Food also featured, with a lavish lunch-spread and afternoon tea, coffee and cakes, all thoughtfully prepared and served by the volunteers. 

The refugees covered a wide age-range, and came from both African and Middle-Eastern countries, including Zimbabwe, Sudan, Morocco, Syria, Iran and Iraq.

After lots of hugs and thanks, and a final photo-call as the group was boarding the coach to take them back to Cardiff.

he day was summed up by one of the support group, saying: “It’s both humbling and uplifting to meet people who have suffered and lost so much and yet still have a smile on their faces and hope for the future."  

This was the fourth occasion on which such visits have occurred and it is hoped to organize further similar events in the future.