A SCULPTURE created near Llanfyllin is to take pride of place at the new extension of a large shopping centre.

Made at Mynydd Brith, Llanfihangel, a three metre bronze will stand at the entrance to the brand-new Fashion Quarter at the Telford Centre in Shropshire.

Created by Telford sculptor Jacob Chandler, it will be transported and installed within the town shopping centre’s new fashion quarter, located close to the ring road and bus station, just days after his 25th birthday.

The centre had commissioned Jacob, an up-and-coming local sculptor, to create an iconic piece of art and the unveiling will take place on November 7.

Glynn Morrow, centre manager at Telford Centre, said: “We are delighted to be able to support, not only a local but a highly talented young artist. Jacob, who has lived in Telford all his life, won the commission against stiff national competition.

“We wanted to find a sculptor that could create an important unique and bespoke piece of art, Jacob has done this and we are very excited to showcase his work here at Telford Centre.”

Jacob is already an award-winning artist and boasts a high commendation from the Royal Birmingham Society of Arts.

The inspiration for Jacob’s sculptures comes from his cousin who trained to be a ballerina at Elmhurst, associate school of the Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Jacob said: “My work focuses on the most dramatic point of an action, be it physical or mental.

“These fleeting poses are held forever in a material that has the potential to span time, making them accessible to all.”

Despite his age he has exhibited internationally, in New York, Moscow, Philadelphia and Athens. He has also shared gallery space at the Soden collection in Shrewsbury with the likes of Picasso, Dali, Licktenstein and Bacon.

The public unveiling of the sculpture will take place at the new Fashion Quarter entrance at Telford Centre on November 7, at 6pm.

It is to be floodlit and it is hoped will make a stunning visual against the dark sky.

There are also plans for a steel band to play at the unveiling and poppies on sale, and a number of dignitaries in attendance.