CALLS have been made to have a scheme that allows care leavers to live independently in a shared home to be be rolled out across Powys.

The project called “Springboard”  helps young people leaving care by giving them the chance of living independently in a shared home where they find out how to live in the big wide world.

Cllr Susan McNicholas said (Labour – Ynyscedwyn) at the Health and Care scrutiny committee on Friday, October 1, I asked for more information about the scheme, having noted it in the performance report for the service.

Head of Children’s Service, Jan Coles, explained: “Young people should learn to live in their communities.

“We know that care leavers transitioning into adulthood have the greatest chance of success if they can maintain all those important connections that you and me rely on.

“This is so exciting because what we have not had is a range of supported accommodation for children coming out of the care system.

“This is part of that range of supported accommodation we are providing.

“Springboard is a multiple occupancy home, when I first left home I would not have wanted to live on my own, I would have been really lonely.

“I lived with friends my own age, we learned to share the bills and all kinds of skills.

“This is to gave the care leavers that same opportunity with the support of their personal advisor and social worker.

“It’s an element of the type of support young people need on their journey to independence.”

The project is already up and running in Newtown and Ms Coles added that they were looking at a property in Brecon and in time hope to spread the project to Ystradgynlais.

Ms Coles added: “The cost are minimal compared to any other provision we have young people in and we hope councillors get behind this.”

Cllr McNicholas, replied: “It sounds great, I hope this is rolled out throughout the county.”

The project would have three care leavers living in the shared home.