A Powys couple spent £20,000 on a field for their dog after winning big on the lottery.

Faye Davies, 37, and husband Richard, 43, from Brecon, won £1 million on EuroMillions in June 2018 and spent £20,000 on a field for their dog Lucy.

Their purchase of a half-acre field close to their home are among the surprising items National Lottery winners have bought with their cash windfalls.

They are among the winners featured with their purchases in a photo exhibition at Fulham Palace, south-west London, to mark the 25th anniversary of the National Lottery.

County Times:

Lottery winners Faye Davies and husband Richard bought a field for their dog Lucy. Picture: Camelot/PA

Mrs Davies said: "We found Lucy running up the road, starving and terrified. She had been abandoned on the mountainside a week earlier, and we took her home just for the weekend.

"Within a day, she had a name, and we knew we couldn't hand her into a dog home. But she was terrified of people, of other dogs and water, so dog walks were a nightmare.

"Then, weeks after our win, a half-acre field came up for sale just down the road. We bought it for Lucy and this became her safe place for walkies.

"She's so happy and carefree running around there - and this emaciated, scared dog has now learned how to play.

"Now we also have a Labrador puppy, Khaleesi, so they run together every day in 'Lucy's Field'."

The exhibition at Fulham Palace Gallery will run from October 30 to November 10.

The palace and surrounding Bishop's Park have benefited from £9 million of money raised by National Lottery players.